Program Benefits

Executive Transformations
1-2 day program Guarantees

We Guarantee these Results & Abilities to anyone who takes this course for the entire 2 days or your money back.

Almost No Practice Needed!!!

  1. We guarantee you won’t freeze under stress. Immediately Attain Full Combative mindset as needed in a situation making you overcome the freeze response that most people experience in a real situation.
  2. The ability to win a confrontation physically, morally and in a way that can be easily legally defended.
  3. Beat any attacker you are aware of to the hit every time!
    (It is impossible for an attacker to fake you out.)
  4. Move in a way so that you cannot be vitally hit.
  5. A guarantee of the ability to deliver a minimum of 3 hits per second sustained for a minimum of 10 seconds. (we are able to guarantee this because the # of hits usually delivered is closer to 6 hits per second.)
  6. We guarantee that at you will be able to deliver at least 3 hits a second with full knockout force and shock power. The shock power is the result of hitting in a way that delivers your full body weight in each strike. We usually say over 500 psi. We get this measurement from using a heavy bag that is mounted on a spring set at 1500 psi. The average participant is moving the bag over 6 inches from the base by the end of the program so that the shock force is really closer to 1500 psi. The knockout force is easily seen by letting a fellow participant wear a hand pad & letting the participant hit the pad. The fellow participant always verifies that the hit would knock them out at the minimum & without prompting the fellow participant usually says the hit would at least cause an immediate concussion or worse.
  7. Learn a method of breathing that makes the body much stronger & faster.
  8. Trigger the mind & body to fight like a wild animal.
  9. Make full use of your body’s natural weapons.
  10. Instantly knock out the attacker in the first few critical seconds of physical contact by utilizing esoteric (little known, secret and hidden) Dim Mak pressure point knowledge.
  11. Maximum maintenance practice time needed is 5 minutes a week and as little as 5 minutes a month will do to fully maintain the program.
  12. Experience Personal Power and learn fast decision making skills under stress. Most people who have taken the program say that it is life changing & that it makes them aware of how much they can affect their own destiny.
  13. Make anyone who is thinking about grabbing you think twice (usually they won’t do it) & if they try to grab you they will almost instantly stop or let go.
  14. How to prepare & respond to a surprise attack so well that most of the time the attacker will not attack. Our students who have had to use this information have found that more than 50% of the time they never had to physically touch the attacker.