How Does It Work?

The Executive Transformations system is designed to empower you to handle potentially life threatening situations without the need for years of extensive training. The two or three day program will help you quickly develop your innate survival instincts and consciously tap into the primal areas of your mind in an emergency. The techniques you will acquire do not require a high degree of athletic ability or prior practice and knowledge of the martial arts. Rather, you will discover that each of us possesses enormous potential strength through such natural biological tools as adrenaline and endorphins.

The program is designed to hone reaction time and give instantaneous access to your own physical and psychic resources. It emphasizes adrenaline stress conditioning through scenario-based training. You will learn how to instantly defend and counter-attack with multiple hits, delivering over 500 pounds of pressure per hit. The program teaches effective ways to deter most would-be attackers and greatly increase self confidence.

In one to two days you cannot become a master of martial arts, but you can master a few critical skills and techniques to save your life.