Executive Transformations Testimonials

LTC(R) Robert R. Leonhard, Ph.D.

I’ve been in the army 24 years active duty in the infantry, and I’ve seen lots of martial arts both military and civilian. Most of it I always felt was garbage that did more harm than good. Richard’s training, on the other hand, really impressed me. In fact, it blew me away. I was struck from the beginning on how well thought out the program is, and I was amazed at how well it integrates psychology with a user-friendly physical technique.

In one day or less, you can bring a person from zero capability to an assured capability to defend and survive an attack.

I’ve used Richard’s training in real situations, and it is absolutely the technique I will use if ever threatened again.

It is simply the only system I’ve ever seen that actually works.

– LTC(R) Robert R. Leonhard, Ph.D.
Analyst, Strategic Assessments
National Security Analysis Department

When I had to use this program on the street one day it worked just like you taught us. I would definitely recommend your program to busy executives who would like to develop the absolute ability to defend themselves.

– Benjamin T. Wacksman
WP Commercial Inc.
County Commissioner
Hillsborough County Tampa FL

It has been a year since I had the program & I am grateful for the confidence I feel from how easy the skills are to remember and use in any situation to defend myself.

– Harvey Hyman, Attorney-At-Law

This program is an amazingly smart approach in how to defend yourself both physically and legally before, during and after an attack.

– H. Stratton Smith III, Attorney-At-Law

The smartest approach to self-defense I have ever seen.

– name withheld
CIA Operative
Black Belt Instructor

Thank God for your program! I am an offshore financial planner. In Costa Rica 9 guys attacked me. This knowledge saved my life.

– Michael Kluzinski

Even four years after the fact, I consider the E.T. Training I received from you as nothing short of phenomenal. I was in the martial arts for several years & it was not until your program that I finally felt competent in the defense of me and mine. I test myself regularly & find that the skills and instincts I internalized are still with me. I have been able to keep myself sharp with just a few minutes of practice a month!

Thanks again, your training was an excellent investment.

– Guy King, III President M.E. Wilson Co. Inc.