One Hit Knockouts

Knockout Power and Speed for Real Self Defense Situations

Knockout Power and Speed for Real Self Defense Situations

This package replaces our old 1 Hit Knockouts & 1 Touch Knockouts DVDs. The curriculum has been expanded and updated and now includes 5 DVDs with over 7 and a half hours of instruction.

Knockout Striking Package – $495
Run Time: aprox 450min | 5 NTSC DVD-R’s |

Knockout Striking Package contains 5 all new DVDs:

  1. Introduction to Knockout Striking
  2. One Hit KO’s – Part A
  3. One Hit KO’s – Part B
  4. One Touch KO’s
  5. Training Steps (Power Breaking Progression)

More about One Hit & Touch Knockouts:

  1. Warning
  2. You CAN train this solo
  3. What is a Knockout?
  4. What is a Touch Knockout?
  5. Power Striking While in MOTION
  6. How you hit, not where you hit.
  7. Practicing Knockouts
  8. Training Materials
  9. Training Precautions & Working with an Injury
  10. Brief Program Overview


Please be careful. These techniques can seriously injure or rupture an organ or kill a person. It is meant to be used in defense of your life. It is not a toy. It is not a parlor trick.

Many of these striking techniques seem like very little or nothing to the person doing the technique but they are devastating to the person receiving the strike or touch. So you really do have to be careful.

I can tell you that the first time Sigung Clear put this program out on video was more than 10 years ago. Over the years he has had phone calls from students who were working on the information. They didn’t think they where getting anywhere and then where shocked when they lightly tapped someone with these techniques and the person being hit or touched immediately screamed in agony and was still in pain weeks later.

Please be careful. Do not purposely tap people with these techniques.

Practice these methods WITH CARE and NOT Carelessly.

On these videos you are learning how to build these skills with partners. Please practice the way you are shown for the safety of yourself and others.

Use your partner CAREFULLY and a lot.

You CAN train this solo

If you do not have a partner you will need to get a board holder and a heavy bag to train these skills. And though you will need to put more time into training these skills you will still be able to get the majority of the benefit of this training from this practice.

A partner is preferred because you get very immediate feedback and you get an understanding of the effects on them. As opposed to a material that either breaks or it doesn’t.

Materials can’t give you as much feedback about exactly how deep a strike went or how it felt or effected them. You don’t need this in the beginning because you are simply building enough power to KO someone. However you will need this feed back for more advanced training and developing specific types of strikes.

What is a Knockout?

For our purposes a Knockout means incapacitation. Which is not necessarily ‘out cold.’

It could also be that they are stunned or dazed & confused. It could mean they are in overwhelming pain.

All these count as a Knockout for our purposes because it means they are incapacitated. They will not be able to stop you from running away or otherwise ending the attack.

Knockout = The attacker is stopped or otherwise affected in a way that prevents them from doing anything to you.

What is a Touch Knockout?

Most of the time it is NOT your normal everyday touch. Sometimes it will look like a touch and sometimes it wont.

When you’re doing a 1 Touch Knockout properly it will feel like a touch to you.

And the best ones won’t even feel like you touched the target. (of course you’ll have to train quite a bit to get to this level.)

It will still feel like a sledgehammer to the attacker even though it feels like a light touch to you.

When you first begin training and developing 1 Touch Knockouts you must be CAREFUL because what feels like an effortless touch to you will have a lot more power than you realize.

More advanced touches will involve learning to touch with whole body weight.

Other’s will involve learning to use proper structural alignment and good body mechanics.

You’ll learn to touch in ways to transfer force including how to use gravity compression & the ground.

You’ll learn to touch using internal energy & mind intent.

This program is about real power.

Which is NOT just the ability to hit with power. It’s the ability to hit with power while in motion in a real fight.

Power Striking While in MOTION

Real power striking while in motion is our focus.

We are NOT doing a pressure point method or something where you stand mostly stationary and touch a few different points to get a knockout.

Pressure point information, understanding where the points are, what they do and how to hit them to get different effects on an attacker is like learning a really nice powerful, fast jab and nothing else.

If you go stand still in the middle of a ring and try to use that jab against a boxer he will eat you alive. Because all you have is a technique with no way to put that tool to use. While the boxer has a delivery system.

A delivery system is the method you use to actually employ the skills and techniques you know.

The Boxer has the footwork, the timing, the movement and the slipping skills to avoid your jab and hit you with his.

The methods you’ll learn from us are designed to be used while in motion. Which is what happens in almost any real situation.

If an attacker is standing still you can simply back away and leave the situation most of the time.

It’s only when an attacker is moving, trying to hit you or grab you or block your escape, that you may need to use the stuff we’re going to teach you.

And so you’ll learn how to use simple but highly effective delivery systems with everything you learn in this program.

At times we will break down principles and power methods into small pieces that you will first learn in a semi-stationary way. But then everything will be put back together into a fluid moving delivery system that will let you actually use it in a real situation

How you hit, not where you hit.

The other problem with most of the pressure point methods and knockout striking that is commonly available is that it’s far too focused on where you hit the attacker.

Unfortunately hitting a very small specific target while an attacker is rapidly moving and dodging and trying to hit you is unrealistic without many years of experience.

…and even then it’s not always reliable.

In this series we’ll focus on HOW to hit.

You’ll learn several different ways to generate power and you’ll learn how to deliver that power so that you can hit an attacker almost anywhere and do damage.

Real power while in MOTION is the focus of this program.

Practicing Knockouts

The Knockout Striking Package is not a demonstration. There are a lot of videos out there that have to do with pressure point stuff and what you see is a bunch of people getting knocked out in various ways.

That’s not teaching you.

Even if they’re calling off what the points are there are so many other factors that you could get someone who knows their points very well and yet they don’t have the right qualities of touch and movement to get the result.

It’s the quality, the HOW that we talked about earlier, that’s important.

And so this set is NOT a demonstrate.

You will learn HOW to build and use these skills.

There are some schools where they knock people out all the time. In our opinion this is quite mentally and physically unhealthy and causes long term damage to the person being knocked out.

People who get knocked out frequently tend to be susceptible to things like Alzheimer’s, dementia and similar issues at much younger ages than they should be.

That is a far too heavy price to pay to simply stoke someone else’s ego or because they didn’t know how to train a skill properly.

Sigung Clear typically only knocks someone out about once a year, sometimes twice.

If you’d like to come visit and volunteer to be knocked out we’re happy to oblige you.
However for training we use enough power so that your partner can feel it and so that you know you’re getting the right result but we won’t typically knockout our training partners.

Remember, Safety first. Both short term safety and long term safety.

We will use materials, boards, heavy bags, etc, to test power and we do recommend using a training partner as much as possible.

…but always be careful.

It’s much easier to replace a heavy bag then find a new training partner.

Training Materials

For much of this training you can get by with a heavy bag and some rebreakable boards. However you will want to add some of these other items as you progress to round out your training.

We use the following training materials in this series.

***Rebreakable boards

Ideally use the strongest boards you can find. These are much cheaper to break than wooden boards and you get a consistent level of difficulty every time.

***Wood Boards

One inch pine boards. Sometimes it’s fun to break real wood. You can get these anywhere that sells lumber. Just ask them to take some of their longer boards and cut them down to the size you need.

Wood boards are very inconsistent. Some can be dry, others could be cracked and many will be green or full of knots. You’ll need to look closely at each individual board to determine its level of difficulty.

***Board Holders

Having a training partner hold boards for you without a board holder is dangerous. Don’t do it. You can also mount a board holder on the wall for when you don’t have a training partner.
(Make sure you get one that fits the size boards you are using.)

For much of this training you can get by using a couple cinder blocks to support your boards. However there are several important exercises where you will want to have a board holder mounted (or held) at head height.

***Heavy Bag

Get the biggest, heaviest one you can. Ideally one that is at least 6 feet tall and 150 pounds or more.

You’ll need to make sure it is mounted securely and safely. You will be putting a lot of force into the bag.

Your bag supports need to be able to take the stress of the bag being repeatedly tossed into the air and coming bouncing back down.

***Striking Shield

You want the thickest heaviest duty one you can find.

***Thai Pads

Ideally two, again you want the thickest heaviest duty ones you can find.

***Exercise Stability Ball

For learning to direct strikes into your opponent.

***Air Mattress

Put it against the wall and bounce your partner off of it. Great for small spaces and makes it easier for your partner to land safely.

Training Precautions & Working with an Injury

Don’t just be careful with your training partners…

…you also need to be careful with your own body when training.

With practice a good One Touch KO is almost effortless. This makes it an excellent method for someone who is older or injured and can’t afford to exert themselves too heavily.

However, building these skills will take some work.

…and it’s going to build and strengthen your body in a number of ways.

In the beginning you need feel what is happening inside your body so you can relate to it and build it and refine it and eventually make it effortless.

You need to be aware of and take into account any injuries you may have.

Just like any other physical activity that your body is not accustomed to, you should start slow & soft. Make sure you understand each exercise our drill and get a feel for it before you step up the intensity.

This is the more efficient way to build good skill anyway.

Just be extra careful and slow with any injuries you may have.

Take proper precautionary steps and be careful with yourself and with your training partners.

Brief Program Overview

The focus is not so much where you hit but how you hit.

You will learn a few pressure points and targets but the power in the methods comes not from where but from how.

If you hit correctly any blow that makes full proper contact will be a serious problem to the attacker.

The first part of the program will be the Hit Knockouts and that’s what you should study first and then the Touch Knockouts.

Do not skip ahead.

There are over 30 essential lessons embedded into this curriculum that you must have in order to progress to more advanced levels of skill.

Make sure you study this program in order and build these skills piece at a time.

You’ll get a lot more skill out of the time you put in if you work this step by step.

The more advanced lessons assume that you know and spent time working with the knowledge from the previous lessons.

The Hit Knockouts will focus on body mechanics, alignments for power, movement for power, basic ways to transfer force into a person and how to use knockout power for self defense situations.

Touch Knockouts will focus on light force knockouts, short distance knockouts and suddenness – how to hide your intention to do something so the attacker won’t see it coming.

We will also begin developing more advanced mind skills so you can transfer force deep inside of a person. For instance into organs and other vulnerable areas. (This goes directly to the dim mak aspect of this training.)

There are obviously a lot more advanced skills and uses and methods and ways you then refine and do more with the information you learn in this program and we’ll get you well on your way to those skills before we’re done.

Knockout Striking Package – $495
Run Time: aprox 450min | 5 NTSC DVD-R’s |